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brandon simmoneau

My intention is to share what I see in the world, the natural beauty of all things from the ordinary to the profound. The irony is that through my lens I often find the harmonic quality of coexistence. The practice of seeing the light and dark is more a matter of perspective. With an open eye, I attempt to capture elements of nature beyond the realms of taboo. I search for the unveiled freedom beneath our cloaks of ignorance and fear. Sometimes I look for something I wish I had myself. This seeking fulfills that void and steers me to become more whole. Instead, I learn not to covet, but to manifest. Photography is my practice of gratitude when my words are difficult to reign in, and the voices all drown each other out. It's a visual prayer. I ask to confront our hope, our fear, our shame, our vulnerability, our true untainted love. I ask to evolve.

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